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Meet Manolito, the Galgo Espanole, a resident camp counselor! 

The Spanish greyhound endures a harrowing and precarious existence in Spain. Their cause is very close to our hearts.

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In 2015, we fostered a little Galga, and since then have become fast friends with many.



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We found that Galgos fit in seamlessly with our retired racing greyhounds.


In addition to our fundraising for retired racing greyhounds, we also fundraise regularly for Galgo rescue and rehabilitation groups. 

We have also made some changes on our new property to accommodate their needs.


As you can see below, we always put safety first, and we make a special effort for these little greyhounds who have been through so much.

galgo rollers_Fotor.jpg

Our specialized turnout paddock  prevents any intrepid galgo from going over or under the fencing. The galgo roller is installed on top of the fence, preventing any galgo from getting purchase on the top and vaulting out.


grass grown up fence_Fotor.jpg

The cedar lattice fills the bottom space between the first fence rail and the ground. We allow the grass to grow up to discourage digging.

Galgos are safe at Camp Greyhound.