Lee Juliet

Juliet is a broodie who has had a racing career and a career as a mom and is ready to settle down on your couch and love you.  Jill was born in May of 2009. She is cat safe and needs work with some of the smaller dogs. Juliet is full of character and spirit, and would make a great addition for someone looking for a fun companion. She loves walks and watching Netflix.

cbj poppin.jpg

CBJ Poppin

Poppin was born in April of 2014 and is a veteran of 112 races. She is a sweet girl who would look good on your couch. Coming in May!



Special Hounds


Ds Taco

One of our 12 litter mates, Taco was born in December of 2015.

Taco has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy and is partly blind.

He is affectionate and loving, and has plenty of confidence in spite of his eye problems. No treatment or medications are needed for this condition.

We feel Taco might do best as an only dog. He is food motivated and loves walks and toys, and is quite clever about getting around with no troubles. No special care is required, other than not moving your furniture around too often! Taco likes to stick by your side in new situations.

Could you be Taco's perfect home? Drop us a line if you think so!



Chance is a beautiful 8 year old hound who is arriving later in May. More information soon!