Colloidal Silver Spray

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Colloidal Silver Spray


8 oz. bottle. 10 PPM strenth.

Keep at room temperature.

Made on the Camp Greyhound premises to our exacting standards. Our quality control methods ensure this is the purest silver, safe and effective!

Ways we use CS at Camp Greyhound:

~ applied directly to cuts, abrasions, incisions for dogs and humans for healing
~ sprayed gently in the eyes to heal "pink eye"
~ to help control gingivitis (both dogs and humans),conjunctivitis, burns and fungal infections
~ as a counter spray after handling meat
~ as an all natural deodorant
~ as a cut flower preservative
~ sprayed on fresh fruits and vegetables to control bacteria
~ supporting health during cold and flu season, either as a surface/hand spray, or taken internally
~ wonderful for chicken pox - cuts the itch and healing time is much faster!

  We have found that if you already have the flu, sipping on colloidal silver throughout the day will lessen it's severity and hasten it's departure.  We cut all sugar intake, and take some CS at least once an hour away from food.  If lungs have been infected, using CS in a nebulizer is also effective.

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