The initial steps:

CGAP will try to ensure you've chosen the right hound for your family, and your hound will come well prepared so you can keep him or her safe and happy.

Once you've sent your application in to us, we will follow up with a phone call to confirm information and get to know you. If it sounds like we are a good match and both parties want to proceed, we'll come and visit you in your home (probably with a greyhound).

The home visit is a safety check to ensure your home and family will be a good fit for a greyhound, and it will allow us to point out any potential safety hazards. It will also provide us valuable information to help us match a dog (or dogs!) to you.

Once both parties are agreed that they would like to move forward, we can set up a visit with the greyhound you'd like to meet. After a positive visit, you will sign your adoption contract, pay your adoption fee, and bring your new greyhound home!

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Once your greyhound is in your home:

Your hound will come with a martingale collar, leash, muzzle, some kibble, and a resource packet. We recommend adding a tag collar immediately with your contact info on it, which should stay on your dog at all times.

You hound will be spayed or neutered, up to date on their shots, wormed, and will be tested for ticks and heartworm. They will be on medication to prevent parasites. We recommend tick and worm testing again during their first veterinary checkup.

Your hound will have started the housebreaking process, and his or her foster parents will be able to fill you in on exactly what to expect, and how to continue the training.

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Resources and ongoing support:

You'll receive a package with all paperwork needed. Included will be a profile from the foster home (including details of feeding, training, etc.), copies of medical records for your vet, and some readings that we've included that we think will help set you up for success during the transitional period. Please take the time to read them, and implement what fits.

You will also receive a gift package with some items that will help you take care of your hound.

You will be contacted regularly by CGAP for updates on how things are going with the transition of your new greyhound. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, concerns etc.

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On occasion, things don't quite work out:

If, after 3 weeks, you feel that this particular greyhound is not the right one for your home, we will make arrangements for you to try with a different greyhound. You will have up to 3 months to try with another greyhound if it turns out that there are incompatibility issues.

Please note that the adoption fee is non-refundable, as it covers the cost of administration, veterinary care, feeding, and transport of each dog to CGAP.

Please do update on how your hound is doing with pictures on our Facebook page, we love hearing from our new adopters this way!