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Camp Greyhound's Colloidal Silver

 Electrically Isolated Colloidal Silver 

We've been making our own electrically isolated colloidal silver for over 20 years, 10 ppm strength.  We have colloidal silver available in  8oz. spray bottles, 1 liter jars and 4 liter jugs.  We also make a  1oz. gel.  We have found colloidal sivler invaluable for helping to keep cuts , burns and abrasions infection-free painlessly.   We have almost eliminated the use of antibiotics in any form(apart from systemic issues), as our silver does a better job! There are so many other uses for this product we just keep adding them to the list.  There's an interesting article right here.

If silver can reach the source of the microbes, it will take care of the infection.

 Our years of experience and research along with our rigorous quality assurance program ensures that our CS is the purest it can be!

Beware of cheap prices when purchasing your colloidal silver, making a quality product takes knowledge and time. We have tested other products made in Ontario, and found them to have as little as 2PPM - this amount of silver would be ineffective for any use.


Here are some of the ways we use C.S. at Camp Greyhound:

~applied  directly to cuts, abrasions, incisions for dogs and humans  for healing

~sprayed gently in the eyes to heal "pink eye"

~to help control gingivitis (both dogs and humans),conjunctivitis, burns and fungal infections

~as a counter spray after handling meat,

~as an all natural deodorant,

~as a cut flower preservative

~ sprayed on fresh fruits and vegetables to control bacteria

~ supporting health during cold and flu season, either as a surface/hand spray, or taken internally

~ wonderful for chicken pox - cuts the itch and healing time is much faster!

  If you already have the flu, sipping on colloidal silver throughout the day will lessen it's severity and hasten it's departure.  Cut all sugar intake, and take some CS at least once an hour away from food.  If your lungs have been infected, using CS in a nebulizer is also effective.

The list goes on!


For a report on some of the different types of microbes that CS affects, check here and also here.  


  EMAIL US TO ORDER ANY OF OUR CS PRODUCTS, or go to our webstore - just click on the link at the top of the page.

8 oz. spray bottle................................$20   

1 oz. Silver Gel...................................$25  By Special Order only.

Large Volume Pricing

 1 Liter bottle............................................................$60.00

4 Liter Jug................................................................$90.00


  Rescue organizations eligible for special pricing on large volume purchases of Colloidal Silver.Call us for details.

 For more info about Colloidal Silver, visit our forum on Alternative Care!

Herring Oil

The one supplement that we all need for our health, including our pets, is omega 3 fatty acids.  For our dogs and cats, being carnivores, the best and most easily absorbed oil to get that from is fish oil.  One of the best fish oil sources is herring oil and we've had great results with this brand.  The squirt top makes feeding multiple animals a breeze, no more cutting capsules open! We are assured by the manufacturer that very little heat is used to extract this human grade of oil so no damage is done.  The furkids really love it, which also helps! New 1 Liter size for a great low price makes keeping your pet healthy and happy a lot less expensive!



 K9 Shine is available via email order or through our webstore.

 We carry the 1 liter size to save you money.  The bottle comes with a squirt top making it really easy to add to your food.

 Priced competitively at $38 for 1000ml.


Recommended Health Professionals

Here at Camp Greyhound we are of an alternative frame of mind.  Our rule is to do no harm, and we've found that using holistic practitioners for our pets as well as ourselves really supports this philosophy in a way that western medicine does not.  The great thing about holistic care is that you can, if you chose, combine it with your current traditional care to lessen any harmful effects from drugs or invasive procedures.With that in mind, we have started to compile a list of holistic practitioners that we've used and like.  Our practitioners are all fully qualified in their fields, and have earned the Camp Greyhound Seal of Approval for doing a great job with our pets.



DIES-KEYS, JUNE, DC ; Chiropractor practices in Newmarket and in Ballentrae, Ontario and can be reached at: Tel:  905-252-0314 or via email : [email protected] ;  Rates for pets: $50 initial consult, $40 for follow-ups. Also has a practice for humans. Familiar with retired racing greyhounds.


Shaw Chiropractic  Comes highly recommended by several of our local greyhound clients. Experienced with retired greyhounds.



 Pets In Motion  This clinic is a highly experienced father/son team who come very highly recommended.They have experience with retired racing greyhounds.




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